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A high performance organizational culture should reflect established core values that gravitate around the fulfillment of its mission. This culture should be solid, internally built, and fueled by interactions amongst peers. Our software platform helps you actively establish, engage and enrich your culture through real-time recognition and continuous feedback. We help you mold your culture.


Create awareness around your core values and acknowledge each other for practicing good behaviors. Reinforce with positive acknowledgment in real time. Fine tune the attributes of your core value as they are accepted and practiced. Observe how an established culture creates a focused and cohesive workforce.

@GoodTokens We've experimented with multiple platforms and GoodTokens is the best for cultivating our company’s culture.

Rachel S., HR Director- Hosting Company


Once your culture is defined, challenge each other to practice it. Find your balance of demonstrating your core values and acknowledging others. Support good deeds by paying acknowledgement forward or returning the favor, by harnessing this energy, you will build momentum for your dynamic culture.

  • Real Time Interaction
  • Challenge Leaders and Individual Contributors
  • Acknowledge Buy In
  • Cultivate & Mold Your Values

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GoodTokens is incredibly easy to use. Integrating it into our routine was seamless. It is a great way to inject a burst of positive energy into the office!

Prentice H., Leading Ad Agency


Enrich your organization by making your culture and values transparent and interactive. Share the stories created within the app with your team by using our Token Ticker and linking to social media platforms. Watch as your culture inspires others and a new source of perpetual energy emerges.

  • Celebrate
  • Reward
  • Create Awareness

We love GoodTokens! It makes our culture feel less stagnant by incorporating our values in day-to-day operations.

Christina O., Oil & Gas Firm, Director


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