Goodtokens helps organizations establish their culture!

Today’s Challenge

People can work anywhere and get a paycheck. They can volunteer or be a member of a variety of groups and communities. Consumers and talent are well educated and they have endless amounts of information at their fingertips. It’s more difficult than ever to capture and retain their attention to make the impact you are trying to achieve. Organizations have to be focused and transparent to maintain a customer’s or employees loyalty and trust.

Why establish culture?

To captivate people in today's world, you have to be determined. Whether you are running a company or you are an individual, you need to wake up every day with one of two goals in mind; to find inspiration or to be inspirational. Whether you are a new organization searching to define yourself or a mature company trying to find that new spark, creating a positive culture is essential for gaining momentum.

A vibrant culture pays dividends.

There are only two sources of incentives that an organization can provide, compensation & inspiration. These are the energy sources that every organization has at its disposal. Much like a hybrid car leverages the benefits of both types of fuel, an efficient organization understands how to leverage the right mixture to create momentum.

Meet the team

Jason Reese
Cristina Rojas
Lead Developer
Michael DeFelice
Technical Co-Founder
Latife Yardim
Director of UX
Raul Ramirez
Chief Product Officer