Redefine HR with Our Culture Platform

Company culture software that is simple to setup, flexible to use and easy on the budget. Win!


By creating Token Packs around goal attributes, we provide a more delightful and efficient way to communicate. Instantly acknowledge people in your organization for practicing core values. View all of the activity of Token exchanges in our Token Ticker and interact by commenting, returning the favor or forwarding the inspiration on to others.


By issuing challenges for ourselves and others, you can call to action time sensitive goals for development of others or ourselves. Monitor individual and team progress while viewing which core values are being practiced more than others. Use these insights to motivate your team and cultivate your culture.


We can then use those stories and events to provide stories that turn into brand exposure by circulation via social media. As we evolve into the full platform, organizations will have the ability to create stories, send challenges and get insights from analytics that can be correlated to productivity.

Feature Four

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